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Cara Delevigne’s Trademark Bold Brows

The Brow Icon of the last decade and it’s no surprise why! Her oversized bold brows and the way she’s embraced them has had serious influence on more women wanting natural full brows.

The Delevinge brow sits low, is full, brushed up and dark!


Kim Kardashian’s Famous Arches 

Although Kim K’s experimental when it comes to make-up looks, her brows are always kept in her signature style. With a natural curve, Kim avoids harsh angular shapes and opts for make-up that gives an ombre look to for added definition.


Beyonce’s Enviable Eyebrows 

The perfect combination of arched and brushed up, while still being straight, Beyonce’s brows are a shape that could suit just about everyone. Beyonce’s make-up artist Sir John refers to her brows as ‘the universal shape’- aka a straight brow that strategically frames your eye shape.


Angelina Jolie’s perfect S-shapes Brows 

Soft angled, medium arched and super sophisticated – Angelina Jolie regularly tops the list of eyebrows most women desire!

Her arch is perfectly placed and her brows are filled in for a natural and gorgeously flattering finish.


Kylie Jenner’s Perfect Noughties Brow 

Dubbed as having the most perfectly shaped eyebrows – Kylie Jenner’s flawlessly arched brows are regularly praised as being the perfect noughties brow! They’re soft and far less sculpted than she’s had in previous years so we’re hoping this look is set to stay!

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